Friday, June 15, 2012

Airinux Display Manager

Airinux Display Manager
                                                                    Fork of Mint Display Manager

GDM-2:20 is the display manager for gnome. This is the version most people in the drill because it can be replaced greeter. After this version can only change the GDM theme gtk-only. Although the distributions are provided, but not long gone. Then, the developers made a fork of the GDM-2.20. The result:
 1. GDM-2:20 (Debian)
 2. Mint Display Manager 
 3. Airinux Display Manager (from me) 

Airinux Display Manager (ADM) is a fork of the Mint Display Manager (MDM) that the difference was in: 

1. There is no conflict of Mint Mate Display Manager and Display Manager 
2. Compatible with GDM-theme 2.20 

Get NOW: 

ADM latest = 1.0.0 

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Also available in AirinuxDM Launchpad!


  1. have a shot of it, buddy?

    1. No, because this is the same as the old GDM.