Friday, June 15, 2012


Mate is a fork of GNOME2 for the old users, and therefore also helps project developers to be more stable mate. In GNOME2, you must be familiar with GnoMenu. GnoMenu is an alternative menu for GNOME2. 

We also know many people who wished for such on his computer. So I made ​​MateNu. MateNu is a fork of GnoMenu to mate that has been attempted. The result was worked out smoothly. 

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Lastest : MateNu 0.4
Lastest : MateNu 0.4 (for all distro)      Please read the README file first, to how to install it!

MateNu 0.3 
MateNu 0.3 (for all distro)      Please read the README file first, to how to install it!
MateNu 0.2
MateNu 0.1
MateNu 0.1~testing1

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"Like its predecessor, GnoMenu, it also has the same problem, namely "OAFIID: MATE_MateNu". Yes, this is very much a problem experienced by some people (although I have not got it). After I installed dockbarx-mate, and finally the application is running smoothly. Or, you have not installed the required packages, the "python python-numpy python-mate".


Solution 1: Install dockbarx-mate (ubuntu, debian)

Solution 2: Install the required packages, the "python python-numpy python-mate"."

Release Notes:
If you use AWN, and want to change the logo MateNu. Here's how:

1. Select the logo.
2. Change the file extension to. Svg!
3. When finished, replace the file /usr/lib/matenu/graphics/orb_dock.svg with new ones. (Note: The file name must be the SAME!)
4. Reload MateNu AWN.
5. Completed.


matenu (0.4) precise; urgency=low

  * Update icon for dock;
  * Fix = Unity Theme Menu;
  * Remove = Dock Theme Menu;
  * Added = DockNG Theme Menu

matenu (0.3) precise; urgency=high

  * Fix = OAFFID error

matenu (0.2) precise; urgency=low

  * Fix = Broken Theme, Image; Added = MateNu theme, Unity Menu

matenu (0.1) precise; urgency=low

  * Added = icon, the name of my site. Repaired = gnomenu site.

matenu (0.1~tesinng1) precise; urgency=low

  * Initial Release.


  1. Thank you! I just whooped an hollered a little bit at my office when I found this. Whohoo!

    1. Thank you! But Did You Know? That makes MateNu, AirinuxDM, Airinux linux is 12 years old child?

    2. Itu nyang komen di atas bukan orang beneran, semacam bot spam itu, komentar gak nyambung gitu.

    3. yang anonim atau admin? kalo admin ntu saya.

  2. $ python /usr/bin/ run-in-window
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/usr/lib/matenu/", line 23, in
    import mateapplet
    ImportError: No module named mateapplet

    1. @MutaBusa
      kudu nginstall mateapplet ndisek kang

    2. bagaimana cara install mateapplet nya kang ?

  3. I use Linuxmint 13 maya,with mate 1.4.0 .....i have the problem with python-mateapplet....i can't install matenu 1.0-1....and I install all the python mate resources.....

    1. now there ppa for ubuntu 12.10. Download the file .deb and install it manually.

    2. Here is the link.

    3. @Pegasus BTX
      pesen errore python-mateapplet koyok piye kang?

  4. hello i have same problem i use linuxmint 13 maya...

    i already installed python python-numpy python-mate
    as your suggestion above i try to install it manually but it return an error:

    sudo dpkg -i matenu_0.4_all.deb

    (Reading database ... 157809 files and directories currently installed.)
    Preparing to replace matenu 0.4 (using matenu_0.4_all.deb) ...
    Unpacking replacement matenu ...
    dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of matenu:
    matenu depends on python-wnck; however:
    Package python-wnck is not installed.
    matenu depends on python-keybinder; however:
    Package python-keybinder is not installed.
    matenu depends on python-xlib; however:
    Package python-xlib is not installed.
    dpkg: error processing matenu (--install):
    dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
    Errors were encountered while processing:

    any suggestion and if possible make it simple one ****sorry because im a newbie on linux

    many thanks

    1. Please use version 1.0

      add this PPA to your mint!

      ppa: azis-naufal/matenu

    2. thank you very much i manage to install it and im enjoying

  5. LOL i'm installing Matenu (PPA 1.0 version) ... Lol.. i need to uninstall mate(install gnome) ... That is very strange()....any solution?

    1. HA! Sry... the distro is Ubuntu 12.10 (netinstall).. Mate installed by "official repos" .. in 0.4 i haved problems "OAFFID:MATENU" ... and i want to upgrade... but this is very annoying .. the actual dependency "alacarte" is for gnome, can i try any solution?

  6. Hi! Package MateNu does not work in the new Mate 1.6, it is not in the list of applets

  7. Hi! Package MateNu does not work in the new Mate 1.6, it is not in the list of applets

  8. Is there going to be an update for MateNu to work on Mate desktop 1.6?

  9. for uninstalling [all distro] use better:
    ! Be carefull and do this only, if you know what you are doing !
    rm /data/usr/bin/
    rm /data/usr/lib/matecomponent/servers/MATE_MateNu.server
    rm -r /data/usr/lib/matenu
    rm -r /data/usr/share/matenu
    rm -r /data/etc/matenu

    rm -r /data/usr/share/cairo-dock
    rm -r /data/usr/share/dockmanager
    rm -r /data/usr/share/avant-window-navigator
    find . -name "" -delete

    rm /data/usr/share/python-support/matenu.private
    rm -r /data/usr/share/kde4

  10. You must delete /usr/share line in list.txt
    it's fucked my system, my /usr/share folder is gone thanks to you