Tuesday, January 16, 2018

My Experience in Google Code-In with SCoRe


Please introduce yourself and tell us your experience with contributing to Open Source   

Greetings, my name is Azis Naufal. I’m a student from Vocational High School 4 in Bandung, Indonesia. My age is now 18, and I’m on the 12 th grade. This year is the year that I will graduate from my school and continue to college. In my school, I have learned programming since 10 th grade. Before I got into the Vocational High School, I have once created a program using bash shell scripting, but failed because I didn’t understand. My method of learning is that, that I have to be guided. I can’t learn programming without a mentor or learning it all by myself.
There’s not much of my contribution to the Open Source. My first contribution is only through Google Code-in with an organization called SCoRe. I don’t remember my first assignment when I did Pull Request (PR) to this organization. However, I did assignment that is related to Android Studio. My passion lies there (Mobile Engineer – Android).

How you contributed to SCoRe while GCI, what you did and everything you learned?

       I wasn’t being mentored by anyone for my contribution to SCoRe while GCI for the first time. I was just applying what I have learned at school or self-taught to do the assignments. But when I entered becoming leaderboard, I was invited to Goodle Code-in Indonesia’s Telegram group. There, I was told to socialize through the chatting platform that they are using. SCoRe use Gitter for their chatting platform. After I’m socializing there, I’m doing my assignments more comfortably because there’s people who mentored me. I don’t become too confused when I was facing difficulties. 
       Here, I learned many things. Starting from the newest technology about Server-Side scripting, Client-Side scripting, Python, Flask, MongoDB, Project Management with Git and many more. I’m certain that the things that I have learned here can be used for my beloved country, so that the technology is more efficient and doesn’t use too many resources. And I’m also certain that what I have learned can be useful at college or work for a company and social society.

How was your experience with SCoRe and SCoRe mentors?

          My experiences with SCoRe is really good. Mentor in the organization is really kind to Google Code-in participant who knows nothing. They always helped me when I was facing difficulties by guiding me to solve problems like being next to me and paying attention to my computer that was having problems and until the problem is solved. Culture/Attitude like this needs to be spread to others, because it helps the community.

Will you continue to contribute to SCoRe and to the open source community and why?

I want to continue to contribute at SCoRe and other open source community. But I don’t know for sure. In Indonesia, college is really hectic. So it’s kind of difficult to find free time to contribute to SCoRe and other open source community. If I have enough time, I will, so that I can still contribute. Any final remarks

Can you tell us about all the projects you contributed?

Ah yes, I contributed on a few projects there. I contributed on these projects; Bassa, NodeCloud, Kute, Soundcom, and D4D. I will explain it in detail one-by-one.
      * Bassa  
      First, I was having trouble when I want to import mysql database that they provided. Therefore, I tried to fix it by myself. And it worked. Then I checked the .sql file that they provided. Yes, the .sql file they provided had a bug. Then I created a issue on their GitHub project ( https://github.com/scorelab/Bassa/issues/260) then I created a Pull Request so that the project can be better. ( https://github.com/scorelab/Bassa/pull/261 ).
      And second, where I was successful applying this project. I was interested in a assignment called "Add a removed feature in Completed downloads page.". I claimed the assignment then did it really seriously. And succeded. First I thought that they wanted to delete the user, it turns out that they only wanted to block the user. Then I fixed the feature that I created. ( https://github.com/scorelab/Bassa/pull/341 ). 

      * NodeCloud
      In this project, I did not do a lot of contribution. I only did "[Nodecloud] Create a Git Pre Commit Hook to run ESLint" and "[NodeCloud] Fix Linting errors in NodeCloud” . On the first assignment, I learned that git can be manipulated by your own using commit hook. Then on the second one, I learned how important a beautifully written code is. Where period, space, comma is really affecting the aesthetic of a coding. 

       * Kute
      There’s an interesting story here. Kute is my first assignment that I did on this scorelab organization. Because I was really interested with Android Studio. Where I was doing a project called "[Kute] Run Kute Android app on your device or emulator", "[Kute] Add a Splash Screen for Kute App", "[Kute] Improve the existing Sign-In UI", and "[Kute] Make a meaningful pull request". When I was doing the splash screen assignment and improve the existing Sign-In UI. I did not that know that I have to differentiate branch to contribute on a open source project. So I did the two assignments on the same branch, the ‘master’ branch. You can see it here https://github.com/scorelab/kute/pull/91 . Then, after I was done with the “Improve the existing Sign-In UI”, I was busy doing the other assignments.
      After a while doing other assignments. I returned to the Kute project. Then did the assignment that created a Pull Request. Because I was away from the project for a while, I had to re-new the local project that is on my computer. I didn’t like with the changes. Because of the ‘Force Close’ and the messy layout structure. Then I intended to fix all of that, then created 3 Pull Request all at once on 1 assignment. https://github.com/scorelab/kute/pull/124 , https://github.com/scorelab/kute/pull/122 , and https://github.com/scorelab/kute/pull/120 . It was really tiring. 

      * Soundcom
      In this project, I only did 2. Because Soundcom is planning to change to ReactNative technology. Meanwhile, I’m not really good with Javascript. I only did "[Soundcom] Add Splash Screen to Soundcom App" and "[Soundcom] Redesign activity_main.xml". Like Kute project, in here I still didn’t know how to create a Pull Request to contribute on the open source project. If you want to see what I did, click this link https://github.com/scorelab/soundcom/pull/19 . P.S. I only understood Git for open source when I was doing the Bassa project. 

       In this, the assignment that I did is really easy. You must already know the icon that is beside the text tab that is usually found on a browser. It’s called Favicon. You can look it up on the internet if you’re curious. Yes, I only placed a Favicon on this project. You can see my work here https://github.com/scorelab/D4D---Drone-4-Dengue/pull/29 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

I'm So Sorry. :(

I really am sorry.
I can not continue Matenu and Airinux.
Because I could not really programming languages​​.
I still in junior high.
and I still have much to learn before I can be a programming language.

So forgive me if I do not reply to comments and bugs.
and sorry about my english.

Friday, October 12, 2012

We need translators for MateNu Application.!!!

We also know, if you need a translation for this application, for that we need you as a translator.
We have made ​​a place for translation of applications MateNu, in https://translations.launchpad.net/matenu
Just a few that we made for your country. If you need other language, please send me an e-mail, which contains the language of your country.
Thanks & Regards

Saturday, September 1, 2012

All About Airinux 12.08

Why Airinux 12.08 yet released?

We, accidentally canceled a release on August 31, 2012 because there was a program back to my grandfather's house. For that we will probably release Airinux 12.08 on 16 September 2012.

Release Schedule.

August 13, 2012 ----------------> Update Phase 2.
August 14, 2012 ----------------> Lay temporary.
August 31, 2012 ----------------> Construction begins.

1 September 2012 --------------> Notifications.
3 September 2012 --------------> Update End Stage.
4 September 2012 --------------> New Script Creation and Repair "About Airinux"
5 September 2012 --------------> Remaster Phase 1.
6 September 2012 --------------> Rebuilding "Airinux 12.08 Netbook Edition"
7 September 2012 --------------> Repair Script and "About Airinux".
8 September 2012 --------------> Remaster Final Stage.
10 September 2012 ------------> Test Airinux 12.08
16 September 2012 ------------> Final Release Airinux 12.08

Screenshot Airinux 12.08 (Netbook Edition, Will Come)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Got Ideas for Airinux 12.08? Send it here!

Airinux 12.08 is the next version of Airinux 12.05 because of the problem. For that, we give you the opportunity to have an idea for Airinux 12.05. Do not be that hard, I was a student.

ONLY 19!

Send to email azis.naufal @ gmail.com, or boxed comment.

NOTE: If you use email, its Subject "IDE-airinux-12:08" (without the quotes).

Hurry up!

1 : use cardapio menu.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

NEW Distro Remaster = Airinux 12.05LTS

Linux is the Operating System (OS) is free of Linus Torvalds. Since he made ​​it, just make the kernel Linus (basic) linux only. Then developed by the developer. Developer is the GNOME, KDE, Mate, Ubuntu, Gimp, etc. .. I had come to develop Linux-based version of ubuntu is 12.05 Airinux LTS. Airinux is the Operating System (OS) based on ubuntu. Airinux've added some special features in the "About Airinux".


Interested? Get NOW


DVD cover


Friday, June 15, 2012

Airinux Display Manager

Airinux Display Manager
                                                                    Fork of Mint Display Manager

GDM-2:20 is the display manager for gnome. This is the version most people in the drill because it can be replaced greeter. After this version can only change the GDM theme gtk-only. Although the distributions are provided, but not long gone. Then, the developers made a fork of the GDM-2.20. The result:
 1. GDM-2:20 (Debian)
 2. Mint Display Manager 
 3. Airinux Display Manager (from me) 

Airinux Display Manager (ADM) is a fork of the Mint Display Manager (MDM) that the difference was in: 

1. There is no conflict of Mint Mate Display Manager and Display Manager 
2. Compatible with GDM-theme 2.20 

Get NOW: 

ADM latest = 1.0.0 

Also available in Launchpad.net

There is a problem? report on https://launchpad.net/adm

Also available in AirinuxDM Launchpad!


Mate is a fork of GNOME2 for the old users, and therefore also helps project developers to be more stable mate. In GNOME2, you must be familiar with GnoMenu. GnoMenu is an alternative menu for GNOME2. 

We also know many people who wished for such on his computer. So I made ​​MateNu. MateNu is a fork of GnoMenu to mate that has been attempted. The result was worked out smoothly. 

Get It NOW! =
Lastest : MateNu 0.4
Lastest : MateNu 0.4 (for all distro)      Please read the README file first, to how to install it!

MateNu 0.3 
MateNu 0.3 (for all distro)      Please read the README file first, to how to install it!
MateNu 0.2
MateNu 0.1
MateNu 0.1~testing1

Also available in Launchpad.net



There is a problem? Report to https://launchpad.net/matenu


"Like its predecessor, GnoMenu, it also has the same problem, namely "OAFIID: MATE_MateNu". Yes, this is very much a problem experienced by some people (although I have not got it). After I installed dockbarx-mate, and finally the application is running smoothly. Or, you have not installed the required packages, the "python python-numpy python-mate".


Solution 1: Install dockbarx-mate (ubuntu, debian)

Solution 2: Install the required packages, the "python python-numpy python-mate"."

Release Notes:
If you use AWN, and want to change the logo MateNu. Here's how:

1. Select the logo.
2. Change the file extension to. Svg!
3. When finished, replace the file /usr/lib/matenu/graphics/orb_dock.svg with new ones. (Note: The file name must be the SAME!)
4. Reload MateNu AWN.
5. Completed.


matenu (0.4) precise; urgency=low

  * Update icon for dock;
  * Fix = Unity Theme Menu;
  * Remove = Dock Theme Menu;
  * Added = DockNG Theme Menu

matenu (0.3) precise; urgency=high

  * Fix = OAFFID error

matenu (0.2) precise; urgency=low

  * Fix = Broken Theme, Image; Added = MateNu theme, Unity Menu

matenu (0.1) precise; urgency=low

  * Added = icon, the name of my site. Repaired = gnomenu site.

matenu (0.1~tesinng1) precise; urgency=low

  * Initial Release.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

LaztAppz : GDM 2.20 (Legacy) for Natty, Oneiric, Precise(32bit)

Hi. This time we will discuss "How to install GDM 2:20 in the Maverick and the newer" Because this is very much want this version, we will accelerate.

1. Download his file HERE

2. (do not forget it) Remove the "Display Manager" who has been there before. ex: lightdm, lxdm, gdm3, kdm, and others.

   (If you miss it you will get an error message!)

3. Install GDM in the following ways.

- Open the Terminal.
- Run this command.

         cd (which you store the file .deb)
         sudo dpkg -i --force-all gdm-2.20.11-4_i386.deb
         sudo apt-get install -f

4. Reboot


Note : There are two bugs that may make your stress: 
-libpng error: Read Error
-GDM not running
- another X-space

Thursday, April 19, 2012

LaztAppz : Remastersys 3.0.0-2-fix Ubuntu Lucid, Maverick, Natty, Oneiric, Precise (noarch)

You want to remaster ubuntu distro? Hm .... an application is suitable for you who want to remaster ubuntu through that have been installed. Remastersys, Yes this is a tool to remaster ubuntu that is not updated anymore.

Download HERE


Remastersys repair so as not to remove the ubiquity in the system.
Remastersys repair so as not to put a lot of applications.
Enjoy! :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

HowTo: Avant Window Navigator for XFCE

Want to Avant Window Navigator on XFCE Desktop you? this way, but only in Ubuntu and its derivatives.

Run this command into your terminal emulator :

sudo aptitude install --without-recommends awn-settings awn-applet-animal-farm awn-applet-awn-notification-daemon awn-applet-awn-system-monitor awn-applet-awnterm awn-applet-bandwidth-monitor awn-applet-battery-applet awn-applet-cairo-clock awn-applet-cairo-main-menu awn-applet-comics awn-applet-common-folder awn-applet-cpufreq awn-applet-dialect awn-applet-feeds awn-applet-file-browser-launcher awn-applet-garbage awn-applet-hardware-sensors awn-applet-indicator awn-applet-mail awn-applet-media-control awn-applet-media-icon-applet awn-applet-media-player awn-applet-notification-area awn-applet-quit-applet awn-applet-related awn-applet-shinyswitcher awn-applet-showdesktop awn-applet-stack awn-applet-thinkhdaps awn-applet-todo awn-applet-volume-control awn-applet-weather awn-applet-webapplet

Then run your AWN

 Wualla! and you can customize your AWN

(maybe you can run on other desktop)

Monday, January 9, 2012

HowTo : Install Nvidia 96 for Natty, Oneiric (intel)

Hi all this time we will discuss how to install the nvidia-96 in ubuntu Natty do the following steps:

1. Download the Driver, here are two links:

Nvidia 96 and Nvidia glx 96

2. Open Terminal 
3. Move to where you downloaded the file
4. Install the driver using the following command:

sudo dpkg -i nvidia-96_96.43.20-0ubuntu1~natty1_i386.deb nvidia-glx-96_96.43.20-0ubuntu1~natty1_i386.deb 

5Edit "/etc/default/grub":

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

6.  Change this line:


To this :


7After saving changes to the file, update your GRUB configuration by typing the following into the command line:

sudo update-grub

8Run the following command:

sudo nvidia-xconfig

9Edit xorg.conf

sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf

10Add the following section:
Section "Extensions"
Option         "Composite" "Enable"
Section "Module"
Load           "extmod"
Load           "glx"
11. Add the following lines (above the "EndSection" in the "Section" Monitor "):

    Option  "AddARGBGLXVisuals" "True"

12Replace Depth in SubSection "Display" to 24

    SubSection     "Display"
        Depth       24

13Change the DefaultDepth in Section "Screen" to 24

    DefaultDepth    24

14. Reboot


With this Compiz and OpenGL became more gentle and stable. If there is a problem put it in the comments box.

For the above version of ubuntu Natty its drivers below


Nvidia 96 sorry for the nvidia-glx-96 is not yet available. (but, it's ok)


nVidia 96 sorry for the nvidia-glx-96 is not yet available. (but, it's ok)